1995 Van Diemen FC

Contact: Jeff Watson
​Cell: 480-239-9610

EMAIL: jwpulse@hotmail.com

Spare Body:
Full spare body: Nose, engine cover, side pods, side body panels and engine cover panels
High speed and low speed rear wing elements
Rear wing end plates

Spare Parts:
Full nose crush box with wing
Front wing pole
Suspension alignment fixtures
Webber carb rebuilt by Ivey
Throttle cable
(2) Rear calipers
Misc. mechanical and electrical parts (sway bar, shift linkage, etc.)
Spare starter, coil, spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor
Start cart dolly with new battery and quick disconnect cable
Fully upper and lower suspension A arm sets
3 half shafts
Lots of gears:  23-24, 16-24, 16-29, 22-29, 19-32, 24-24, 18-32, 20-31, 20-27, 16-29F, 16-36-F, 18-32F, 17-35F, 9 spare Dog rings